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Certified Pittsburgh Divorce Mediator, Lawyer

Pittsburgh mediator helping families resolve tough questions

Attorney John K. Foster III of Foster Law Group serves as a neutral, third-party mediator in family law disputes, including those related to divorce, asset and debt division, custody, support and alimony. He helps opposing parties identify barriers to settlement and then helps the parties to craft solutions that overcome those obstacles and meet the needs of all concerned.

Mediation is one of several alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies that resolve legal conflicts cooperatively, without going to trial. ADR is designed to obtain swift results, with less expense and volatility than traditional litigation. It also can be less stressful for a family.

Additionally, Attorney Foster is a Pittsburgh collaborative lawyer who, when appropriate, steers clients toward a more amicable resolution through the collaborative law process.

Certified mediator offers less-acrimonious solutions

Pittsburgh divorce mediator Attorney Foster conducts mediation in a manner that facilitates open communication and a mutual understanding by the parties.

In addition to serving as a mediator, Attorney Foster counsels his own clients on the benefits of mediation. While the firm comprises highly skilled litigators, litigation is not always the most productive option for couples and families. By combining intuitive approaches gained through years of mediation experience, thorough knowledge of Pennsylvania family law and a sensible outlook, we promptly satisfy client objectives.

Neutral mediator facilitates dispute resolution

When you need an exceptional divorce mediation attorney in Pittsburgh or a Pittsburgh custody attorney, contact Foster Law Group for a free 30-minute consultation. We help clients throughout the Pittsburgh region, including Beaver County, Butler County, Westmoreland County and Crawford County.

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