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Pittsburgh homicide lawyer has achieved demonstrated results in court

At Foster Law Group, our goal in every criminal case is to obtain the best possible results for our clients. Sometimes that is a full acquittal. In other cases, it is ensuring that the punishment fits the crime.

We have had tremendous success in this regard. Pittsburgh criminal lawyer John K. Foster III has handled several homicide cases — one resulted in an acquittal, one defendant was sentenced to life in prison rather than the death sentence sought by prosecutors, and one was a first-degree murder defendant who the prosecution wished to sentence to life without parole. Instead, he was convicted of the lesser offense of manslaughter and received 10 to 20 years in prison. In the fourth case, a young man on a joy-ride with friends was present when one of them shot and killed the victim. The prosecutor charged the Defendant with Second Degree Murder (which carries a mandatory life sentence.) Mr. Foster was able to negotiate a plea bargain to Third Degree and the young many may be released from prison in time to see his daughter graduate from high school.

We have earned a reputation for excellence by being tough but fair. In our 20 years of practice, we have helped hundreds of defendants in nearly all aspects of criminal law, from misdemeanors and traffic offenses to DUI, drug crimes, serious felonies and death penalty cases.

The credentials and resources to get the job done

We bring to every case the extensive knowledge and skills we have acquired during two decades in the courtroom. We have handled jury and non-jury trials and have negotiated numerous plea agreements. We know the best routes through the criminal process, we understand the rules, we prepare every case as if it is our only case and we manage each case in the manner required to achieve the best result possible.

Clients trust us because we commit to a case until it is resolved. We handle every aspect, from start to finish. In each case, we strive to:

  • Thoroughly investigate the allegations
  • Deal with police, federal agents and prosecutors, before and after charges are filed
  • Negotiate to limit the charges ultimately brought
  • Seek reduced bail so clients can remain free pending trial
  • Discuss all options and the likelihood of their success
  • Seek a favorable plea agreement when warranted
  • Pursue innovative trial defense strategies
  • Aim for a reduced sentence following a conviction

Formidable advocates protecting defendants’ rights at every turn

When you need an exceptional Pittsburgh criminal lawyer, contact Foster Law Group for a free 30-minute consultation. We help clients throughout the Pittsburgh region, including Beaver County, Butler County, Westmoreland County and Crawford County.

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